There isn’t a more relaxing, fun experience with friends and family in the outdoors than a pleasant Kayaking adventure on the lakes of Killarney. Our Kayaking tours are much easier than what people usually anticipate as the lakes of Killarney are generally quite calm and still, and with two people per Kayak, you have twice the power! Its also great for people of all ages, including children as young as three years old! Here we take a look at a great bunch enjoying their Innisfallen Kayaking tour:

Theres nothing we like more than putting smiles on people’s faces. We love putting together customised adventures with societies and all kinds of groups from work and schools. Here we take a look at our friends from the DCU Hiking Society who we had a great time with!

DCU Hiking Society Promo Video from Marie Lecoq on Vimeo.

DCU Hiking Society

Filmed and produced by Marie Lecoq

Thanks to Mor Active: The Adventure Experts

Location: Croagh Patrick, Westport
Music by Deluxe [My Game – The Deluxe Family Show]

We get groups of friends all time, Coasteering. There’s always some apprehension about taking the plunge, but with a bit of re-assurance from ourselves and the spirit of the whole group, everyone has a good time! Here’s a one minute highlight of some students from May having the thrill of their lives!