Adrenaline pumping Coasteering

Wild Atlantic Way

For those of you who don’t know what Coasteering is, here is a brief outline. Coasteering is a wonderful mix of traversing, swimming and jumping your way around the bottom of cliffs, where the sea meets the land. If you can’t make up your mind whether you want to go swimming, climbing or jumping into the sea, coasteering is the activity for you. Put on your wetsuit and safety helmet and climb across Kerry’s coastal rocks, jump into the sea and float in the cool saltwater. Coasteering is suitable for kids as well as adults. Nowadays it is the ‘must do’ adventure activity.

coasteering adventure

Coasteering can be tailored by your instructor so everyone can get what they want out of the activity, whether that’s big adrenalin-filled jumps from rocks into deep pools or more of a relaxing wild swim along the coast.

Wild Atlantic Way - Day 4

The excitement and thrill of the activity is amazing! If you haven’t experienced coasteering already you should definitely consider it. Coasteering is a magnificent way to explore personal limits, overcome fears, increase personal confidence and of course most importantly to enjoy a few hours of pure adrenalin-soaked fun with family and friends.

Wild Atlantic Way

If you haven’t already tried Coasteering then you should most certainly experience it! If you experience it once, I am sure you will want to come back and do it again!






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