One of the most beautiful places on Earth is the Dingle Peninsula. The drive to Dingle is wonderful as you take in the beautiful Irish countryside and sheep scattered all over the land. It’s hard not to keep looking left and right trying to take in all unique buildings and surroundings. A stop at Inch beach will leave you feeling refreshed. The sound of the crashing waves, the vastness of the beach and distant mountains circling the beach will certainly leave an impression as you continue to Dingle town.inch strand

Dingle itself is a quaint, small town but one of the most charming places one could ever find. The harbour, one of a kind shops, ice cream parlours, Gaelic signage, little cinema and easy going life of the locals are really nice features of Dingle and you’ll definitely consider living there for a time, during your visit!

The Slea Head drive is absolutely fantastic. The wide horizon, the tranquil settings, chirping seagulls, stone walls, and the glistening sea will make you smile for the whole drive. It feels so real, so Irish, so natural and you couldn’t be happier, wondering whats around the next corner.


Dingle Day Tour

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