Kayaking in Killarney with Mór Active – What to expect

Some people might perceive our Kayaking tours as an extreme activity, that requires a great deal of energy, endurance and ultimately an activity not for the faint hearted. Well we’re pleased to say that’s not really the case with our Kayaking tours here in Killarney! Our Kayaking trips are for all ages and it’s really quite easy to do with your friends and family or indeed just yourself. The lakes of Killarney are relatively still and gentle, to put fears to rest that you will be going through strong rapids and flying over waterfalls! At our meeting point, Ross Castle, you will get a wet suit, a buoyancy aid and of course a Kayak! From there you just change and off we go to the shore a few footsteps away. With our expert guides, you are in safe hands all all times and it truly is an amazing experience. The scenery is breathtaking, the historical information you learn is interesting and the exercise is refreshing! Paddling your way to Innisfallen Island or around Ross Castle is immensely fulfilling and throughly enjoyable. The peaceful lakes, flying birds and smiling faces will have you relaxed and enthralled throughout. Its great to do something different. You’ll definitely want to go another time!


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