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Welcome to the new look Mor Active Tours website and as of today, Tuesday the 10th March, it is most definitely alive and kicking.

Yep, it has been a long time in the making but after copious amounts of coffee and pulling my hair out, it is finally here and raring to go. Some things are just worth waiting for and what a beauty it is.


For as long as you can remember you have dreamt of visiting this magical landscape full of rainbows and leprechauns (we will touch on this subject later) and now the time has arrived! I can sense that you are quietly packing your suitcase and probably thinking this is a no brainer, but wait there are those rumors that this is a sunny island, no wait, rainy, no wait, windy, no wait, cold maybe? “I give up” I hear you say but fear not as you were in fact correct in your assumptions as it is all them mixed together to give that special unique Irish experience. We have a saying in Ireland: “if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute”.



It came like a flash of lightning and disappeared with a bang as it crept over the hills of the MacGillycuddy Reek’s on route across the wild Atlantic Ocean towards its next destination, the land they call Chile (I hope I pronounced that correctly!). What could possibly make such a dramatic entrance and exit you may ask? Well, it was the spirit of the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) 2014 that engulfed the green shores of our little island from the 6th-9th October. And again I hear you ask what on earth is the ATWS and is it contagious? Fear not, it isn’t anything that will have a long-term negative impact on you. In fact it has a positive bearing on your long-term well-being (as long as you take it easy on the nights out). So let me explain.


So what is Mór Active you ask? Well the answer is it has a double meaning. Firstly, it stands for Mountain Ocean River Active, which best describes the adventures we are passionate about and secondly Mór Active in our Gaelic language means BIG Active.

Our mantra at Mór Active is you. We want you to experience our home of unparalleled beauty, vibrant people and ancient traditions through our specially designed activity, culture and eco tours. We believe in creating personalized experiences through our high quality small group tours so you get know the real Ireland.


It’s nearly here! Well, if you have had your head buried in the sand you may be one of those poor unfortunate folks that don’t realize that the ATTA’s 11th annual Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) is coming to Ireland very very soon!! In fact I can sense the world of adventurers quickly packing their suitcases and probably wondering or getting flustered at what to bring because we like to make it interesting and keep you guessing in Ireland with our four seasons in one day!

If you are looking for a memorable adventure experience then rock climbing and abseiling are two activities that you will definitely enjoy. One of the most beautiful locations for rock climbing and abseiling is the Gap of Dunloe just outside the picturesque town of Killarney. The Gap of Dunloe is one of those locations that when you go there once, you’ll want to go back again and again. One must really experience it to realize it’s through beauty. The walk up through the Gap of Dunloe is superb.

Rock Climbing

The Gap of Dunloe experience is a must do activity. The experience will take you on a journey through the glaciated valley of the Gap of Dunloe by pony and trap before embarking on a spectacular boat tour on the Lakes of Killarney. This is a truly unique adventure discovery. The pony and trap journey up through the Gap is very relaxing and enjoyable. You will be immersed in some of nature’s most beautiful spots while the birds chirp and sing as you pass along. The views in the Gap of Dunloe you won’t find anywhere else.

Gap of Dunloe