Rock climbing/Abseiling in the spectacular Gap of Dunloe

If you are looking for a memorable adventure experience then rock climbing and abseiling are two activities that you will definitely enjoy. One of the most beautiful locations for rock climbing and abseiling is the Gap of Dunloe just outside the picturesque town of Killarney. The Gap of Dunloe is one of those locations that when you go there once, you’ll want to go back again and again. One must really experience it to realize it’s through beauty. The walk up through the Gap of Dunloe is superb.

Rock Climbing

Peace and quiet and the sounds of the birds on the trees as you walk along. The water flowing down through the right of the Gap as you approach up through the Gap is so calming. I have rock climbed and abseiled in the Gap a number of times and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only do you experience the thrill of the activities you also experience the spectacular landscape. When all the gear is set up and you’re strapped on and you’re about to start abseiling down a rock face the adrenaline can kick in. At this stage you might experience a mix of nerves and excitement. Once you get into the routine of the abseil you will enjoy your spin down the rock. When you reach the bottom you will want to go back up to the top and do it again. When you reach the bottom the feeling is astatic. There are a wide variety of climbing routes in the Gap of Dunloe, some of these include; Bothán which is one of the well-known crags in the Gap of Dunloe for rock climbing. Brennan’s Leap is also a very popular and accessible crag and it has a variety of routes including Cronin’s Crack, Granuaile and Daffodils. Cub Crag in the Gap is an exciting location with some very easy and very difficult routes to climb. As the Gap is a huge tourist attraction, you will see many tourists passing in horse drawn carts up and down the valley by the local jarveys especially in the summer months. Even though the roads are narrow and windy up through the Gap of Dunloe valley, it is also a stunning cycling route. Experience the sensational beauty while embarking on your adventure activity in which you will have unforgettable memories!



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