What makes our tours so special?



  1. Don’t Just Sit on a Bus. Explore and Experience!

We believe that Ireland needs to be experienced, not seen through a bus window. We will take you off the beaten track to explore the most amazing landscapes, meet vibrant people and discover unique ancient traditions and you can do all this while walking, cycling, kayaking or whatever adventure suits you. We place a huge emphasize on minimizing time on the road so that you can explore and enjoy all that Ireland has to offer, without rushing.

  1. Professional and qualified guides

At Mór Active our focus is you and your experience. Therefore we take great pride and care in choosing the perfect guides for you. They are all professional, qualified, passionate, fun and most importantly have vast knowledge on all things Irish. They will provide you with a real sense of what Ireland is all about and take you to all the best kept secrets. There is one guarantee; your guide will be amazing.

  1. Exceeding Expectations. Happy clients!

Your experience is our priority and we make certain that it surpasses your expectations. That is why we love creating high quality adventures that provide you with a truly unique personalized experience that is most definitely value for money. It’s that simple.

We have a long list of happy clients from all over the world who have taken our tours and who’d love to tell you all about it! For referrals, please call or email us and we’d be happy to put you in touch with some of our previous clients. And you can read loads of reviews on our website.

  1. High quality adventures to suit everyone

All our tours are designed to suit everyone’s ability so you don’t have to be an elite athlete to partake. All you need is a smile and to be interested in experiencing Ireland’s incredible scenery in an active manner! That is why we put great emphasis on providing a wide range of high quality activity, culture and eco adventures that our specially designed to suit your needs. Whether you’re an individual, family, or group we have something perfect to get you active. From climbing mountains, kayaking adventures on mystical lakes, historical and wildlife tours we will provide you with a real sense of adventure and above all a memory that will last forever.

  1. Providing experiences that are environmentally and culturally responsible

At Mór Active we recognize our duty towards providing Responsible Tourism ‘that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit’.

We equally understand that great product ideas may not always be the most appropriate form of local economic development. Therefore, before launching any of our tourism products we make sure that they adhere to our strict principles on Responsible Tourism that include respecting local natural resources, cultural heritage, and human values. We encourage our clients to be aware of their environmental, social and economic impact too.



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