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Welcome to the new look Mor Active Tours website www.moractivetours.com and as of today, Tuesday the 10th March, it is most definitely alive and kicking.

Yep, it has been a long time in the making but after copious amounts of coffee and pulling my hair out, it is finally here and raring to go. Some things are just worth waiting for and what a beauty it is.

So why on earth create a new site? Well, the answer is simple – we listened to our clients’. They will always be our first point of call when it comes to improving on what we offer. So what did they want? Well, firstly they wanted something new, exciting and unique that really reflected what Ireland is about. Got it!

Secondly, they asked ‘could we please have an interactive platform where we can easily find our way around Ireland and see what is available?’ Your wish is my command.

Thirdly, ‘please, please, please can you make it easy for us to book an experience that we know is high quality and is most definitely value for money?’. Absolutely no problem!

So with all that in mind we set about making our client’s wishes come true. So firstly all we needed to do was create something new, exciting and unique. Easy! Like a baker possessed we quickly set about conjuring up the perfect ingredients for our client’s needs – first throw into the mixing bowl some Activity, Culture and Ecological experiences. Be sure to mix well and with care so that the consistency is correct. Lastly and most importantly of all don’t forget to sprinkle in a bit of the secret ingredient – the Wild Atlantic Way and he presto you have created a platter of endless surprises.


With that now taken care of we then had to swallow our pride and realize that our old site was just not up to the task of providing an interactive platform and most definitely didn’t offer an easy booking process. Like a by gone pop star of old it needed considerable plastic surgery to hold foot on the worldwide stage of Adventure Travel. So with surgeon’s knife in hand we went about making the necessary changes that we felt reflected their desires. Viola!

And here we are now after a lengthy process ready to plunge in head first, rubber ducky armbands in place, into the unchartered waters of new Wild Atlantic adventures and experience, happy in the knowledge that we have created something for you and by you that will make your Irish experience a memorable one.

If you are curious and want to see how easy it is to use our new hip website then click here for an interactive video.



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