So what is Mór Active you ask? Well the answer is it has a double meaning. Firstly, it stands for Mountain Ocean River Active, which best describes the adventures we are passionate about and secondly Mór Active in our Gaelic language means BIG Active.

Our mantra at Mór Active is you. We want you to experience our home of unparalleled beauty, vibrant people and ancient traditions through our specially designed activity, culture and eco tours. We believe in creating personalized experiences through our high quality small group tours so you get know the real Ireland.


It’s nearly here! Well, if you have had your head buried in the sand you may be one of those poor unfortunate folks that don’t realize that the ATTA’s 11th annual Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) is coming to Ireland very very soon!! In fact I can sense the world of adventurers quickly packing their suitcases and probably wondering or getting flustered at what to bring because we like to make it interesting and keep you guessing in Ireland with our four seasons in one day!