What is Rock Climbing and Abseiling?

Discover what rock climbing & abseiling is all about with our fantastic introductory courses for all levels.

Get a taste for heights and just have some fun. You’ll learn some basic rock climbing and abseiling skills/techniques, rope work, movement skills and the ability to b-lay someone safely.

The introductory course is not a qualification to instruct or lead people in rock climbing and abseiling. It is suitable for beginners to those with considerable experience.

At Mór Active we like to add more to your experience so we also include other topic areas such as environmental awareness issues, flora & fauna, geology and much more. Below is a guideline to what you will be learning on our course.

The Introductory course will introduce you to:

  • Equipment
  • Safety management
  • Route defining
  • B-laying
  • Movement techniques
  • Abseiling skills
  • Rope work

For further details on our Introductory course in rock climbing and abseiling please feel free to contact us.

Course Details

Introduction to Rock Climbing and Abseiling
Level Beginners to Experienced Climbers
Ratio 1:6 per instructor
Duration 7 hours
Cost €75pp
Includes: instruction and safety gear
Location Killarney, Co. Kerry
Date and Time 9:30am-5:30pm
Contact us to arrange
a suitable date
Links What to bring
These introductory courses can be a stepping
stone for those wishing to progress to further training.