Please select the desired event/adventure from the Events Listing tool in the menu above. After clicking on Events Listing – select your desired event from the section labeled – Events with Bookings Enabled.

Once an Event is selected you can initiate a new booking for the event by following the link labeled – Add Booking. On the booking form you will enter the client’s name and contact information. From this form the only payment method available is off-line/manual payment.  To process and record in-store payments you will be using the SumUp system (see below for more information).

IMPORTANT:  On the Booking form if you check the option to indicate full payment (this is near the bottom of the form) the booking will be approved automatically with emails sent to the new client.  If you do not check the full payment box the booking will be recorded as pending payment/booking not approved.  Using this manual payment system – approved bookings – with client emails sent – only occur automatically once full payment has been received and indicated by checking the full-payment box.  Also note that all transactions, pending and approved can be reviewed and updated from the individual Event page.  To review/update a completed booking transaction look for the section labeled – Bookings on your individual Event page – you should see options for Approve/Unapprove | Delete | View/Edit.  Please note that individual event pages display ALL bookings/transactions for the selected event – including those completed by clients on-line from the MorActiveTours website.

In-store payments are processed using the SumUp payment system.  This system can process Visa and Mastercard credit card payments as well as record cash receipts.  All in-store transactions should be processed/recorded using the SumUp system.

Booked-client event lists can be produced from the Individual Event page – Look for the small icon bearing the letters CSV (insure that you are on an individual event page).  Click on this icon and following the instructions to produce and download your client list – Client event lists are downloaded to a spreadsheet format (this format can be opened using Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc).  Once your list has been downloaded open the file in your spreadsheet application and complete any desired formatting changes before printing or saving to PDF format for delivery to the event manager.

Please note that the event pages described here display all bookings including those completed by clients on-line.  Both manual (in-store) and on-line (from the MorActiveTours website) transactions/bookings are visible and editable from these pages.