The best way to experience the real beauty of Ireland’s most spectacular destination, Killarney is to do a cycling tour through the national park! Our guided tour takes you to Muckross abbey, Torc Waterfall and many other points of interest. Perfect for families and groups of friends and close to the town centre. A lovely refreshing way to enjoy a few hours and take in the beauty of the National park and lakes of Killarney.

There isn’t a more relaxing, fun experience with friends and family in the outdoors than a pleasant Kayaking adventure on the lakes of Killarney. Our Kayaking tours are much easier than what people usually anticipate as the lakes of Killarney are generally quite calm and still, and with two people per Kayak, you have twice the power! Its also great for people of all ages, including children as young as three years old! Here we take a look at a great bunch enjoying their Innisfallen Kayaking tour: